Frequently Asked Questions


do i need to buy a pen before i start a course?

No, you definitely don't need to buy a pen before the course, and depending on which course you book the relevant pen or brush pens will be supplied in the course materials.  

However, if you already have a suitable pen you are welcome to use it for the course and you just won't be supplied a pen with the course materials (I'll adjust the cost).  If you are really keen to buy a calligraphy pen or brush markers before you start, just let me know and I'll advise you on what to get. 

How will I know which course will best suit me?

The best way to find out is to come along and have a chat and try out the pens. You can book a free half hour trial session (which usually ends up being an hour of ooohing and aaahing over stationery) and after that you will definitely know which course you would like to do. 

can my child do a calligraphy or hand lettering course?

For calligraphy and hand lettering I only take kids from about 10/11 years old. Before that they are still learning to write and learning calligraphy or modern cursive as well will just confuse and frustrate them.  Mail or whatsapp me and we can discuss different options.

I am left handed.. will this be a problem?

Definitely not!  I have had many left handed students who have successfully completed my courses.  During the first lesson we just spend a bit of extra time working out what will be the best way for you to write - either with a left handed calligraphy pen, or holding a right handed pen in a way that you will be comfortable to write.

what if i have really untidy handwriting?

This will in no way influence your calligraphy or hand lettering.  I will be teaching you a new style of writing, so if you are willing to start from scratch and learn a new skill then you should be absolutely fine!  If you are willing to put in the effort to practice then you can have beautiful calligraphy, despite how your 'normal' writing looks.

what if i struggle to hold the calligraphy pen when i write?

This is a common issue with new calligraphy students, and I'll pick it up and sort it out during the first lesson.  I also do a lot of handwriting coaching, so I can promise you there won't be an issue if you happen to hold the pen in a weird pen grip.  We will find a way to make it work.

what if i can't come to weekly classes?

Many of my students can't commit to regular weekly lessons because of work or family commitments.  Therefore I prefer that you just start your chosen course whenever it suits you, and come to lessons when you can.  Most people end up coming weekly, but then miss a lesson here or there and just make it up the following week.  In this way you can pace yourself and don't have to stress about losing out on lessons. 

what if i can't afford the fees in one go?

No problem at all... just let m know and you can pay the fees off over two or three months.  Many of my students do this.  Just mention it when you book and I'll make a suitable arrangement with you.