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Working with pre-schoolers to improve their pencil grip before they need to learn to write


R350.00 per 1 hour lesson, per individual child 

R470.00 per 1 hour lesson, for two to three children (siblings/friends) 

R350.00 - Adults Handwriting Coaching workshops are 2 hours long and take place monthly

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Physical Address:

Highgrove Guesthouse, 1 Side Road, Morningside

Handwriting Coaching

  • Are you a parent whose heart breaks a little every time you see your child struggling with self-esteem issues linked to poor hand writing, neatness, legibility and pen grip, left handedness...?

  • Are you a professional and well respected business person... until you have to put pen to paper, and then you feel like a messy 6 year old?

  • Is your child stressed about not getting his or her pen licence when all their friends seem to have received theirs so easily?

  • Is your son or daughter simply not coping because they write so slowly and laboriously that it’s painful just to watch, or they’re losing marks during assignments and exams because teachers simply cannot read what they've written?

  • Are you a left handed adult who has never been taught properly how to write and still struggles with the basics like pen grip and how not to smudge your own writing?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then I can definitely help you!!

Frequently asked questions about handwriting coaching...

How many lessons will we need?

Adults and older teenagers usually need about 1 - 2 lessons, and most of the kids typically need about 3 - 4 lessons, although some may need more

I really feel like its too late to fix my messy handwriting

It is NEVER too late.. I’ve helped Matric kids improve dramatically in one lesson! For adults and older teens its a quick fix.. loosen up the hand in the first lesson, and then correct letter formation. I promise you that I want you to improve as quickly as possible!

My child has had several months/years of OT.. why are they still writing badly?

A lot of my students have been through several months/years of OT, and it hasn't helped with their handwriting.  Whilst OT is a wonderful resource for many children with all sorts of problems, it doesn't seem to be quite specific enough to help kids deal with their handwriting issues. This is because people with poor handwriting need very specific and targeted tuition in order to work on the various areas of concern.  

The things that I focus on include the following:

  • Pen grip, writing pressure and posture

  • Neatness and legibility

  • Writing speed (speeding up or slowing down)

  • Motivation and enjoyment

  • Left handedness and the related difficulties

Handwriting and personality/mood/state of mind are so intricately linked that it is impossible to correct poor handwriting without a holistic approach. It's far more than just a case of "try harder", which is what so many people are told by teachers and parents. My classes are fun and I personalise my approach to suit each student's needs. 

Can you come to my house for lessons?

Yes I can, as long as you are somewhere in the Gauteng area.  However, I do charge a travel fee.

When are the lessons, and are they group classes?

Lessons are an hour long and take place on weekdays, public holidays and during school holidays.  I usually do individual lessons, although I will teach 2 - 3 siblings or friends at the same time.  Group lessons can be arranged on request.

Handwriting Coaching Workshops for adults are 2 hours long and are group sessions of max 4 people.