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Modern Calligraphy - HAND LETTERING & DESIGN

Very Easy Beginners Course

Cost:  R2805.00 (R2450.00 course fee, R355.00 for materials)

Duration: 9 hours (split into 6 x 1.5 hour lessons)

The Hand Lettering and Design Course is a very easy, fun beginners course where you learn the basics of modern cursive (upper and lower case) and capitals, banners, wreaths, layout, etc. You will learn how to use brush markers and how to write in various modern styles. You are also taught how to do layout for cards, inspirational quotes, etc. and how to do fun  techniques using brush markers and ink.

This is a very fun course that would suit adults and kids from about 12 years old (see kids page for details on the shorter kids version).  It is also a great course for moms and kids to do together. 

To book, whatsapp Robyn on 076 235 6563

Modern Calligraphy - BRUSH LETTERING

Beginners Course

Cost:  R2860.00 (R2450.00 course fee, R410.00 for materials)

Duration: 9 hours (split into 6 x 1.5 hour lessons)

The Brush Lettering Course is aimed at complete beginners and no prior knowledge of calligraphy is required. The course covers modern cursive (lower and upper case), writing in various capital styles, and basic layout. You are taught to write using brush markers of various sizes (various markers are included in the course materials)

This course differs from the Hand Lettering and Design Course in that it concentrates purely on writing and doesn't cover any of the fun design elements such as wreaths, banners, backgrounds, etc.  This course would suit someone who is only interested in learning the modern cursive style of writing using a brush marker (including bouncy letters and flourishing) and not in the design stuff.

To book, whatsapp Robyn on 076 235 6563