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Handwriting Coaching Workshop (Adults)

Are you ridiculously embarrassed by your hand writing? No one can read it, right? Pretty stressful when someone asks you to write down your details.. or heaven forbid, fill in a FORM! Hand pain and cramps a normal part of your writing..?

Well, I can help you... Come to one of my fun, stress free workshops and I guarantee you'll see an improvement. I'm only taking 4 adults per workshop so it won't be overwhelming, and I promise not to shout at you ;-)

I'm a full time calligraphy, brush lettering and hand lettering teacher, and I've been coaching people with handwriting issues for over 3 years - believe me when I say I can help you. Most of the time we write badly because of habits formed in very early childhood when we are still learning to draw with a fat wax crayon.. before we even start learning to write!

This workshop is all about breaking those bad habits, and allowing the hand and pen to work together in harmony instead of fighting each other to the death every time you need to write something out.

I promise you won't regret it

COST:  R350 pp (incl. workshop materials, snacks and refreshments)


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To book, please contact Claudia - whatsapp on 0720110292 or email on calligraphyworkshopbookings@gmail.com

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